Secretarial services

Are you still worried about the progress of your company's trivial matters? Are you still worried about your company's high labor costs? If you want to improve work efficiency, efficient use of office hours, save office costs, let our professional secretarial team help you.

Beijing Far Bright business center provides a full range of secretarial team supported services for our valued customers

Administrative support---with document management, software office, Chinese-English translation, conference recording, printing and publishing, database preparation, express delivery to business travel, hotels, air ticket booking, you can increase staff under the premise of easily expanding business in these field.
Switchboard and reception --Chinese and English telephone answering and filtering, message transfer, visitor reception, on behalf of the company name, which making you pay more attention to work and avoid unnecessary disturb.

Business services ---how to build a new company, transform regional office? Do not trust the company handle? Our secretarial team will personally handle all business matters such as company registration, change of address, cancellation procedure, annual inspection, legal person, shareholder change and so on. You will not have to worry about the procedure of Industry and Commerce Bureau and Taxation Bureau.

Personnel services---if no one could take care of your social insurance? Whether the file can follow your office location or not ? Please do not worry, our secretarial team will provide social insurance, housing provident services of fund accounts, write-off and management, on behalf of the attendance, file storage services.
Other services ------we would arrange visa application services, employment permit, residence permit processing, change or extension, home management, baby care, leisure and entertainment arrangements, decoration, recruitment, e-marketing, public relations services, real estate management and relocation, mergers and acquisitions, Arranging trade mark registration services, arranging legal advisory services, interpretation, transport arrangements and driver services.

Accounting Services --- Are you still worried about financial problems that nobody cares about it? Our professional accountants will provide you with the services of accounting, tax declaration, cash management, bank accounts, preparation of financial statements, preparation of financial budgets, remittance of wages, and declaration of foreign exchange.

IT services ------ it includes software installation, VPN settings, line use, network maintenance, virtual server hosting, production sites, the purchase of computer equipment, anti-virus products, remote support, strong IT team, allowing you to use the network more secure.

Beijing Far Bright Business Center is willing to provide you with the best quality service, let us cooperate!